What helped you make your career choice when you were 18? Did anyone even bother?

My son is smart and creative. He’s always had strong opinions; he’s more free-form than straight-edged and, as a parent who wants him to make the most of those talents, I can tell you that it’s proving tricky to find something that ticks all the boxes. After doing the obligatory university open days, I do feel they are more gloss and marketing than a real indication of whether it’s something that’s right for the student.

So how do I help my son to find the next step that’s best for him? I don’t want him to say, in 20 years’ time, that university was the wrong choice, the degree was the wrong choice and his work opportunities since then have all been the wrong choice.

At Crechendo, much of our work involves identifying people’s key skills, talents and attitudes, helping them to find the best fit in the organisation. This usually increases productivity, boosts loyalty and makes for a more motivated workplace.

Thankfully, I’ve found a fantastic, Surrey-based company that can help my son take the best pathway. Read more about how they’ve helped us make progress, and remember that we can help your organisation to do exactly the same.