How have you planned effectively for annual leave this summer – to avoid stress and anxiety and, most importantly, keep the business operating without disruption?

Our top tip for ensuring you get the break you need is be clear about what authority people have to make decisions and actions whilst you are away. This is the most common mistake we see in the businesses we work with. Delegating doesn’t mean giving the whole task or decision-making process away. Be clear – take time to discuss what you trust others to do, and what you expect to be held off or discussed.

As a leader, whenever you delegate a task, make it clear what level of authority you are conferring to others:

Level 1: Do exactly what I have asked you to do

Don’t deviate from my instructions. I have already researched the options and determined what I want you to do.

Level 2: Research the topic and report back

We will discuss it, and then I will make the decision and tell you what I want you to do.

Level 3: Research the topic, outline the options, and make a recommendation

Give me the pros and cons of each option, but tell me what you think we should do. If I agree with your decision, I will authorize you to move forward.

Level 4: Make a decision, then tell me what you did

I trust you to do the research, make the best decision you can, and then keep me in the loop. I don’t want to be surprised by someone else.

Level 5: Make whatever decision you think is best

No need to report back. I trust you completely. I know you will follow through. You have my full support.

Never take back a task once delegated! Unless, that is, you want forever to do all the work of the staff you are paying!

The good news is that delegation is quite straightforward and effective if you understand that it’s all about a process and developing trust. Get in touch with me via email here or give me a call on 07985 594671.