…what are yours?

Had a great session yesterday at CII looking at whole issue of conduct risk in the financial services industry, whilst compliance becomes an increase pressure on time, the research is still showing we are not getting to the heart of changing culture and behaviours!

Whilst many say if it’s not driven from the top we can’t be effective, we challenge every layer of the organisation to consider “small steps” in creating the culture change.

Our top tips:

Recruitment – stage one what do you say about culture, values and expected behaviours? could personality profiling help you understand the individuals better and know how best to manage and grow them. If you can’t articulate values at interview how can we expect our team to understand, embed and live them.

Team days – have a focused day on interaction and activity around values and behaviours, make it fun engaging but facilitated well it will challenge behaviours and thoughts and help your team understand why they matter.

Annual Review – what are your reviews really covering? are you asking the right questions? Do you relate any performance review to conduct, behaviours and contributions to culture?

Rewards and Incentives – what are you rewarding? does this conflict with the values of your organisation? Could you add more creativity to your rewards and have a % that only relates to Team contribution, volunteering, how peers have related on 360 feedback etc.

Lets all rise to the challenge of being responsible and accountable for culture change.

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