From international workshops and the launch of our 360 feedback tool, to developing young talent and keeping some firefighters sat still…2016 has been a rewarding and busy year!

Take a look at a snippet for each month below for a little further insight into the world of Crechendo.


We kick-started our year with some brilliant workshops on creating culture, developing the team, understanding stress and conflict.


We held the first of our overseas trips to the UAE working in Abu Dhabi with a young talent group exploring Steven Coveys “7 Habits of highly effective people”.


Was an incredibly exciting month with the launch of our online 360 feedback tool reviewing and assessing team behaviours and culture.


We felt rewarded with the graduation of another ILM diploma group, having spent a year studying together we let them loose to practice all they have learnt about leadership.


We jumped over to Amsterdam on a 3 day course exploring “intrapreneurship”, creativity and the role of networking in the global workplace.  We also created a stress and conflict policy for 2 organisations.


We held a lecture and workshop on “Importance of Partnership” at Bristol University. It was for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in action for young entrepreneurs looking to launch a social business.


A pilot launch at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford for 6th formers. They received an ILM qualification for “Becoming an effective team member” which was incredibly inspiring.


Two organisations bravely undertook a culture survey looking at “How we do business round here”.  This resulted in some intuitive feedback and identified new ways of working and engaging the team.


An entertaining and interactive HR day was held at our favourite venue Barnett Hill, introducing HR professionals to the power of experiential learning.


We launched our first residential ILM L3 course for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. This was a lot of fun with plenty of banter with a 100% pass rate and 100% of the attendees recommending us. So, not bad for a bunch who would rather not sit still!


Rachel was a panel member and guest speaker at the Global Youth Forum in Dubai on the role and importance of leadership in social businesses. Further information can be found on this PDF.


On reflection, what a year of change, challenge and achievement.  75+ passed Leadership qualifications; we provided coaching and mentoring to enable individuals understand themselves and to contribute  even more effectively to their workplace. Many of our clients are saying they are looking forward to a happier and healthier workplace in 2017 – job well done!