Most of us have a relationship with failure that impedes progress, halts innovation, and damages our lives.

We don’t acknowledge it or learn from it – though we often think we do.

Does your organisational culture see mistakes as a vital part of innovation and growth? When did the last failure really impact for good? Within our work – with individuals and with whole organisations – the most transformational outcomes regularly evolve from looking back at past failure, to inform ideas and practice for future growth. Whilst this can be difficult the positives far outweigh potential negatives.

Don’t know where to start? Want some inspiration?

The ground-breaking book: ‘Black Box Thinking: Why Some People Never Learn from Their Mistakes – But Some Do’, could be exactly what you’re looking for

Black Box Thinking could hold valuable lessons for your business – or for your personal development. In the airline industry, failure is taken seriously. Every aircraft is equipped with an almost indestructible black box. When there is an accident, the box is opened, the data is analysed, and the reason for the accident excavated. This ensures that procedures are adapted so that the same mistake doesn’t happen again.

Be challenged to think how mistakes of the past could be your gold dust of the future.

Black Box Thinking is available on a free trial of Amazon’s “Audible” audio books service – ideal for listening to if you travel a lot. Or buy the actual book from Amazon.

Next month we’ll tell you how this book has helped us help others tackle failure for success.

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